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"First Frost" Litter

Dam: Unmarked Agouti - het for Russian Blue and Mink. 

Sire: Russian Cinnamon Velveteen

Litter Size: 2 (all bucks)


This litter was part of my Cinnamon line and this litter was it's 6th generation.
My aim for this pairing was to produce some non-Russian-based does in the litter to hold back, but the genetics wizards had other plans!


Named the "first frost" litter as they were born on the morning of the first frost at our farm!

I could tell that both kits were very obviously bucks a few days after birth, but I was still quite stumped on which variety they were.
Russian Dove Agouti has never popped up in the rattery, so this was a first and a great learning experience.

In this litter was the aforementioned Russian Dove Agouti and a Russian Blue Agouti Velveteen

They have both been pet homed due to no suitable breeding plan for them here.

Edit 19/12/23 - I can blame my festive fatigue or I can own up to my brain mush, but previously I stated the Russian Blue Agouti was a dumbo.
He is very clearly NOT a dumbo. Thank you for dealing with my stupidity.

7 days old
15 days old