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"Cream of the Crop" Litter

Dam: Russian Buff Velveteen

Sire: Russian Buff Velveteen

Litter Size: 5 (4 does - 1 buck)


This is the 2nd generation of my velveteen project. Until now I had just had the gene floating around the rattery, this is my attempt at a line that is strictly velveteen with an end goal to only produce double velveteen.
My aim for this pairing was just to produce the next generation for the line and also having hope that some kits would be double velveteen.


1 double velveteen dwarf buck, 2 velveteen dwarf does, and 2 velveteen standard does. 

No double velveteen :( well, one double velveteen but on a dwarf buck kit. 
Also found out that both of these foundation rats carry dwarf.

5 weeks old
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