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3rd Gen Marten Litter

Dam: Black Eyed Black Marten het Mink and Russian Blue. 

Sire: Russian Blue Dumbo het Mink. 

Litter Size: 11 (all does!)


I was aiming to produce a Black Eyed Black Marten top eared buck


Well, that didn't work.

Out of 11 kits, there were no bucks. But on the plus side, as this is Blackberry's last litter, I will be holding back at least 4 does from this litter. Some to continue my Marten line, and some to lend into my other projects.

- None


- Russian Blue

- Russian Blue

- Russian Blue Marten Dumbo

- Russian Blue Marten Dumbo

- Black Marten

- Black Marten

- Black Self Dumbo

- Black Self (white hands)

- Black Self

- Mink Self

- Black Eyed Siamese

12 days old
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