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3rd Gen Marble Litter

Dam: Red Eyed Russian Blue Point Siamese Dumbo het Mink. 

Sire: Russian Blue Marble Dumbo het Mink. 

Litter Size: 7 (3 bucks and 4 does)


The primary goal for this litter was to bring my Marble line into it's 3rd generation.
The buck has a smaller eye than I would like, typical of some Marbles. But my hope was that this litter may improve that in any Marble kits.


I was hoping to get a few Marbles doe kits to use in a future outcross, as ultimately I would prefer to work with Black and Topaz based Marble. As luck would have it, there were two Marble kits in this litter.
One was slightly better marked (in my opinion) than the other, so I only held back one in the hopes of using one of my Black Hooded bucks as the outcross to the line. I think the poorer marked is simply due to being Dove based.

Maybe it will work, maybe I will be making a huge rod for my own back. Either way I'm hopeful (what else can I be).

- Russian Blue Agouti

- Russian Champagne
- Russian Champagne


- Russian Dove

- Russian Blue Agouti

- Russian Blue Marble

- Russian Dove Marble

9 days old
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